Transparent Client Centered Healthcare ... Really !

Save Up To 40-60%

Innovate and Solve the Soaring Cost of Healthcare


Middle income families access excellent healthcare at significant savings vs ACA plans


Nationwide Open Network enables choice and competition from all doctors and hospitals


Medical procedure prices are made clear and known prior to scheduling


Comprehensive with unlimited annual and lifetime maximums

American Healthcare System has lost its way no longer serving you the client.

  • Soaring Premiums – $24,000 Family 
  • Lack of Access – Restrictive Networks
  • Lack of Treatment Choice – Policies Dictate 
  • Inflated Procedure Cost – Hidden Surprise Bills
  • Coverage Gaps – Plans lack Portability
  • Failure – $4.3 Billion US Healthcare Broken

Traditional one-size-fits-all group insurance is expensive and an administrative burden.

Legacy ACA PlansMightyWELL Plan
Expensive Affordable
Restrictive NetworkFlexible Network
Hidden CostsTransparent Cost
Controlled AccessFreedom of Choice
Heavy RegulationFree Market

Current Plan Success

  • Recognized – #1 Rated TPA Plan – (Edison)
  • Large – 60K Lives Currently on the Plan
  • Stable – 2% Annual Costs Increase last 3 years
  • Efficient – 13K Claims Paid Monthly
  • Compliant – Meets all ACA Guidelines (MEC, MVP)
Four Cornerstones of Innovative Healthcare

HSA Preventative


Health Share

Living Benefit


Custom Plan Design

Break from one size fits all group
plans. Give employees choice
of benefits that best fit their
families needs

ACA Compliant

Meet minimum essential coverage requirements and avoid fees with a
plan customized for your business

Retain Employees

Affordable benefits that attract, serve and create loyalty with your employees. What "Benefits" where designed for

Individuals and Families Have Unique Healthcare Needs

Addition Benefits that work for your Employees and their Families

MightyWell offers an innovative benefits suite with flexible options, maximum cost savings and Best of Breed Supplemental Plans.

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Employee Benefits should serve your employees and earn loyalty
We understand healthcare benefits are just one more thing on your to-do list; that’s why we’re committed to administering
benefits that are both affordable and comprehensive.

Maximized benefits.

Our team provides the most cost effective best of breed benefits. Plan design is customized for each of your team members to serve them and their families best. 

Simplified Adminstration.

Our TPA partner will provide consolidated billing for the various plans selected and file all necessary forms to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Continued support

To solve the soaring cost of of healthcare we will continue to  innovate and ally with best of breed providers. You and your employees will benefit from our passion to restore affordable healthcare.

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