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Excellent Healthcare Values the Sanctity of Life

Christian School in Middle Georgia

Healthcare costs are at Unsustainable rates for Teachers

Goals for School:

  • Implement excellent healthcare plan in accord with Christian beliefs 
  • Offer affordable plan saving school and staff  $500,0000/yr
  • Maintain our Transparent, Flexible and Robust plan for long term stability 
  • Involve the “School Family” to change healthcare to better serve true well being

Total Aetna premiums up $270,000 in last 3 years


Mighty big savings for middle income families

ParticipantsAetnaMightyWELL Plan
Employee & Spouse5$1,200$632
Employee & Children10$1,500$644
2022 Totals76$1,1oo,000 Actual$600,000 Proposed

Annual Premium Savings $500,0000

How Excellent Healthcare works?

  • Excellent healthcare embraces Christian values
  • It’s Affordable for teachers and families
  • Patients & Doctors choose treatment course
  • The Individual is Empowered as Payer
  •  All procedure prices are Transparent
  • Excellent Healthcare is Robust for catastrophic events

Mandated aca is Misguided and Unsustainable


Misguided Healthcare

  • Lack of Choice
  • Over prescribed medication
  • Mandated Vaccines
  • Mass Lockdowns
  • Elective Abortions
  • Transgender Surgeries

Unsustainable Cost

  • Employee $8,400/yr
  • Family $22,000/yr
  • Annual 10% + Increases
  • Inflated Procedure Prices
  • Lack of Transparency 

Personalized Healthcare by MightyWELL





We Innovate to Solve Soaring Premiums and Insane Medical Procedure Cost

Preventative MEC Plan

Health Savings Account HSA


Catastrophic Plan

Compare: Traditional Fixed vs Innovative Custom

Healthcare Event May 2022
Male age 63 diagnosis advanced prostate cancer
Doctor & Facility Choice – GA Urology and Northside Hospital
Procedure Choice – From all options Da Vinci robotic surgery
Transparent – All cost known and paid upfront $87K negotiated to $33K

Affordable – Lower premium and procedure cost fully covered by plan $0 out of pocket cost

Amazing – Robust coverage including  $100k Living Benefit to offset non-medical expenses like time off, travel and at home care total benefit $132,000   * Additional premium included

Client Financial Impact
ExpenseACAMightyWELL Plan
Premium$7,400$4,216 *
Co-Pay80% / 20%None
Procedure Price Quoted$87,000$33,000
Plan Benefit ? hidden ?$32,000
Catastrophic Plan Benefit$0$100,000
Client Financial Impact$13,900 out of pocket$94,800 client's to keep

MightyWELL Client Difference $108,700

Want your family to have an
Amazing Personalized Healthcare plan?

ACAReferenced BasedMightyWELL Plan
All doctorsNoYesYes
Pr-ApprovalWait for ApprovalNo WaitNo Wait
Alternative TreatmentsNoNoYes

Do you believe ACA legacy carriers have your families
best healthcare interest at heart?

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery Female Age 38
Doctor & Facility Choice – Piedmont Hospital Rockdale
Procedure Choice – Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal

Transparent – Piedmont Hospital $33,694 initial price quoted
Transparent upfront repriced at $9,500

Affordable – Procedure costs fully paid after $1,000 out of pocket cost

Advocate – Prior to the procedure MW assisted locating and negotiating with an alternative outpatient surgery center. Client used significate reduced price quote and upfront pay option to save thousands.

Client Financial Impact
ExpenseIndemnity Limited PlanMightyWELL Plan
Premium annual$4,000$3,060
Benefit Paid$7,192$8,500
Client Financial Impact$2,231 out of pocket$1,000 out of pocket