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* For Illustrative Purpose Only Not for Public

* For Illustrative Purpose Only Not for Public

DRIVE with a Purpose

DRIVE with a Purpose

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Excellent Employee Healthcare

  • More Affordable for Middle Income Families 20% – 50% Savings
  • Flexible Open Network Including All Doctors and Hospitals Nationwide
  • Transparent Medical Procedure Pricing Known in Advance
  • Family Friendly with $1,000 Total out of pocket Maternity plan
  • Robust for Major Medical events Additional Expenses
  • Affordable 20% – 50% Savings
  • Flexible Open Network
  • Transparent Procedure Pricing
  • Family Friendly
  • Robust by Design

$2 Million Projected Annual Saving

American Healthcare Needs Innovation

Traditional Companies & Legacy Plans are Restrictive & Expensive

  • Warren Buffett – American Healthcare is a Tapeworm
  •   2023 Group Healthcare Premiums Soar 

Old Way


Innovative Way

Old Way vs Innovative Way

Legacy Cigna PlanMightyWELL Plan
Expensive Affordable
Restrictive NetworkFlexible Network
Hidden CostsTransparent Cost
Controlled AccessFreedom of Choice
Heavy RegulationFree Market

MightyWELL CornerStones of Healthcare

HSA Preventative

Four Cornerstones of Innovative Design

HSA Preventative - Health Saving Account encourage Individual choice, control cost, efficient and tax savings too: 2023 contribution max single $3,850 and family $7,750

CarePlus - Self-Funded Plan designed for preexisting and immediate medical needs, best suited for employers with over 30 employees

Health Share - Nonprofit medical bill paying fund with Transparent Fast Pay for providers

Living Benefit - Plan option providing funds to pay for any expense when major medial events occur including non-medical

Compare Plans

Plan TypeSelf FundedSelf Funded Health Share
Premium $684 EE & $2,042 Family$500 EE & $1,500 Family$350 EE & $1,000 Family
Coinsurance80% - 20% 80% / 20% 100%
NetworkCignaAll doctors nationwideAll doctors nationwide
Office Visit$30 / $60HSA Self-PayHSA Self-Pay

Illustrative Prelimenary Quote

Employee$684$330 - $550580
Employee & Spouse$53225
Employee & Children$1,700$500 - 1.2K25
Family$1K -$1.7K20
Total Annual$5,000,000$3,000,000 650

Projected Annual Savings $2 Million

Healthcare Event Feb 2023
Service tech injured neck

Doctor & Facility Choice – Navicent Hospital, Macon, GA

Procedure Choice – Neck disc surgery

Transparent – Procedure originally priced at $90K, then properly repriced at  $29,600

Affordable – Client out of pocket cost – $1,000

Amazing –  Balance fully paid by Health Share within 30 days  $28,600

How Excellent Healthcare works?

  • Excellent Healthcare is Family Friendly
  • Affordable for middle income families
  • Patients & Doctors choose treatment course
  • The Individual is Empowered as Payer
  •  Excellent Healthcare is Transparent
  • Comprehensive for catastrophic events

Mandated ACA is Misguided and Unsustainable


Misguided Healthcare

  • Lack of Choice
  • Over Prescribed Medication
  • Mandated Vaccines
  • Mass Lockdowns
  • Elective Abortions
  • Transgender Surgeries

Unsustainable Cost

  • Employee $8,400/yr
  • Family $22,000/yr
  • Annual 10%+ Increases
  • Inflated Procedure Prices
  • Lack of Price Transparency 

Compare: Mandated ACA vs Personalized Healthcare

Client Financial Impact

ExpenseACAMightyWELL Plan
Co-Pay80% / 20%None
Procedure Price Quoted$87,000$33,000
Plan Benefit ? hidden ?$32,000
Catastrophic Plan Benefit$0$100,000
Client Financial Impact$13,900 out of pocket$94,800 client's to keep

MightyWELL Client Difference $108,700

Employees and their families enjoy the benefits of Excellent Healthcare

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery Female Age 38

Transparent – Original Price  $33,694 repriced at $9,500


Affordable – Procedure costs fully paid after $1,000 out of pocket cost


Doctor & Facility Choice – Piedmont Hospital Rockdale County, GA

Procedure Choice – Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal

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